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Applications for Summer of Tech are open!

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Applications for Summer of Tech are open!
by Charissa Vandergrift - Tuesday, 21 January 2020, 5:21 PM

Applications for Summer of Tech are open!

Approximately 80% of Summer of Tech interns get hired after their internship. Register at the link below:

2020 Summer of Tech Schedule:

January – Applications open (apply ASAP, this gives Summer of Tech time to review and approve your application)
  • Hackathons: Students can apply, 50 will be invited.
  • Student registrations open and bootcamps start in Auckland and Wellington (continue until September).
May - Employer registrations open and jobs start being listed. Peak job listing during August.

August - Weekend long Create Camps in Auckland and Wellington and a Design Day in Wellington. Hackathon type events.

September – Recruitment time; meet & greet with students and employer (full on day). Main recruitment event, Meet and Greet for students to get to talk to employers about their jobs; Signing up early is key.
Speed interviews held. This is an invite only event for employers to choose who they want to interview. Employers will also conduct their own interviews as well.

3rd week of October – Offers day.

Mid November to mid February- Students working in their internships. Dates are very flexible depending on when classes/exams finish.