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Mukpuddy Character Animation Training Night

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Mukpuddy Character Animation Training Night
by Danielle Huddleston - Monday, 18 June 2018, 10:20 AM

Mukpuddy are looking for talented 2D Character Animators. We will be running a training night to teach how Mukpuddy uses character rigs in Adobe Animate (Flash), to show you how we do things, what we are looking for from Animators, and its a chance for us to meet you. 

Link to Barefoot Bandits intro:
Link to Barefoot Bandits clip:
Link to Behind the Scenes clip:

Event Details:
Event location: Mukpuddy Animation Studio, 33 Nugent Street, Grafton
Event time: 6PM-9PM
Event date: Friday 29th June

There are limited spots for 10 attendees, so please follow the portfolio submission process. 

What to show: 
Your best 2D animations either in a show reel or as separate clips. We are primarily looking for character performance, a dialogue scene would be great if you have it.  We are looking for work, not a CV! Show us what you can do.  

Submission method:  
Put all relevant files into a google drive and share the link to it to this email: Thaw Naing at Include your name so I know who you are!

Submission deadline:
The submission deadline is 12PM Friday 22nd June. The selected attendees will be notified and provided with a couple of our Character rigs around 25th of June, so you can play and get familiar with the way they are set up, prior to the event on Friday 29th June event.
If you have any questions regarding the workshop please feel free to ask for Danielle at the Animation College Reception, alternatively you can also speak to your tutors.