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3D Scanning Industry with Simon Che de Boer

Picture of Blair Morpeth
3D Scanning Industry with Simon Che de Boer
by Blair Morpeth - Thursday, 26 April 2018, 11:38 AM

Hosted by Auckland VFX & Animation Meetup

6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
30th April 2018

Level 11, 385 Queen Street, Auckland, New Zealand 1010

Food and Refreshments Provided

We are thrill to announce our guest speaker this month will be Simon Che de Boer from Reality Virtual!

Simon Che de Boer is a renowned photogrammetrist and virtual reality content creator on the International stage. The founder of an R&D real-time VFX company known as - His real-world digitization of sites of cultural significance have spanned the globe. Such notable photogrammetry to VR experiences such as Nefertari's Tomb and Egyptian artifacts. Local experiences for indigenous Maori as well as Heritage projects. 

Simon Che de Boer has personally received much recognition abroad for the level of quality in his experiences and such works have been commonly sighted as being the gold standard of photo-realistic real world encapsulations. NVIDIA / HTC / Epic Games have all featured the work of and many notable players of the VR industry commonly refer to such projects to demonstrate the potential of this new immersive medium. 

Our conversation will cover many fields of the 3D scanning industry and the advantages of digital cultural preservation. In addition as to how Simon came to find himself in this emerging industry. Past, present and future.