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Creature Design Competition

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Creature Design Competition
by Blair Morpeth - Thursday, 19 April 2018, 2:14 PM


In nature animals are quite similar, their bones and muscles might be quite different in size, but the general layout is similar. For this competition you will take an animal, study them, and use the animal reference to create a fantasy, sci fi, or horror creature. I recommend going to your local zoo and observing the animals, possibly go with a group, take photos, and reference.


A creature that you have created based on an animal in our world. 
Minimum printable: A3
3D is allowed, however you cannot work from a base.

Mood/Reference boards, WIP shots, research and reasoning encouraged but not mandatory for a final judging session.

Final Day for Submission: 7, May 2018 -- 5:00 PM
Where to submit: Georgia at Reception, or Via Email to

Gordon Harris Gift Cards – Two Prizes of: Gift Card for $25.00
Two Prizes of :Gift Card for $15.00