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Important Staircasing Update. Must read for 2nd Year DAA

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Important Staircasing Update. Must read for 2nd Year DAA
by Gene Harris - Friday, 18 November 2016, 1:21 PM

Staircasing from current Diploma Programmes to Bachelors will not be available in 2017. 

The Academic Team would like to spend 2017 to adjust and better align both Diploma Programmes and the Degree (Bachelor) Programme to enable staircasing to be successful, so that a staircasing student feels supported and adequate in their skills to continue with their higher education.  It is our intention that staircasing will be available by the start of 2018. 

Current second year DAA students who are considering further study options are encouraged to follow the current pathway into the Diploma in Digital Media. The DDM has been reconstructed this year in order to create a smoother transition into the Degree (Bachelor) Programme. This transition will be made more robust during programme development in 2017. It is our intention that students who complete their DDM next year, if applicable, may staircase into the Degree (Bachelor) Programme at the start of 2018. 

Other programme development in 2017

The Academic Team is refining the three Major Pathways for the Degree (Bachelor) Programme. The three pathways are Story and Character, Worldbuilding and Visual Effects, and Interactive Media and Games, which are available at the start of 2017. The Academic Team is also refining the Honours Year, to be ready for the start of 2018.  

For the Rotorua campus, foundation work has already begun for the delivery of the Diploma of Digital Media, with the addition of the Digital Apprenticeship model.

A plan has been put in place to deliver a Level 4 Certificate in Computer Graphics in 2017. 

The Academic Team is really excited about the upcoming developments which enable students to pursue different study options, and strive towards more pathways and Qualifications. 

Thaw Naing

Head of Discipline of Animation